Models of Summit

Prague Student Summit consists of three models: high school model of UN and NATO and one university students model EU. The common ground found between high school and university section is found in position of university attending observers found in model UN, where the university students represent various advisory boards, world-wide institution (e.g. the World Bank) or organisations (e.g. Amnesty International).

The Model UN is the largest on Prague Student Summit. It gives the high school students the opportunity to represent a UN member state in one out of 6 simulated organisations. Students placement is chosen based on their preference.

The Model NATO welcomes all high school students, which represent 29 states found in the North Atlantic Council. NATOs official language is English, therefore the participation is recommended not only to those interested in security issues but for those interested in bettering their English skills. If you are ready to negotiate about issues to sustain world peace and do compromises, that are required in a Model, where decisions must be unanimous, then Model NATO is the right place.

In the Model of European Union we simulate the negotiations of the European Union Council over current pressing issues of EU. The Model is designated for university students only and its official language is Czech.

The G20 model is intended for high school students and the negotiations are held in Czech. It is an absolute novelty at the Prague Student Summit project. Its significant feature is primarily the fact that participants sign up in pairs and work together throughout the whole year. Together, they represent a member state during negotiations. The uniqueness of the G20 model lies in the fact that it gives delegates the opportunity to deal with a wide range of current topics, thanks to its distinctive structure to also explore the discussed issues from multiple points of views and in greater depth. Through agendas important for the currently interconnected world, the participants also have the chance to expand their knowledge of how international cooperation works in the most dynamic global alliance of today.

G20 is the right choice for those who want to learn how to navigate in the modern-day society, improve their argumentative and presentation skills, and try something new. Whether it involves complete rookies or proficient ambassadors.

Summit is also highly valued by famous figures. It is attended by tens of Czech and foreign famous diplomats, politicians, academics, businessmen or journalists every year. Summit has been patronaged by personalities such as Václav Havel, Karel Schwarzenberg, Jan Kavan, Petr Pithart or Madeleine Albright throughout the years.
Summit has hosted for example the former Secretary General of the North Atlantic Council Petr Pavel, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomír Zaorálek, former Chairman of the Senate of the Czech House of Parliament Milan Štěch, diplomats Štefan Füle, Hynek Kmoníček and Marie Chatard, journalists Erik Tabery, Jindřich Šídlo and Jakub Železný, economists Zdeněk Tůma and Tomáš Sedláček, etiquette specialist Ladislav Špaček, Chief Public Prosecutor Lenka Bradáčová, American ambassador Stephen King and many more. Prague Student Summit offers young students a platform to meet and be inspired by personalities of both the Czech and the foreign public sphere.

Students can expect a further educational programme with broad field of expertise, specifically interactive lectures when it comes to rhetorical skills, correct and polite argumentation, work with specialised documents and information in general, or even critical thinking itself. Our project, thanks to its emphasis on informal learning, represents the suitable complement to high school education, because it targets developing various aspects of personality which are to be found absent in Czech schooling system.