With the start of another school year, start of XXI. Prague Student Summit is here as well! Even this year, hundreds of high school and university students will get the oportunity to try out what is it like to become a representative of a member state as a part of UN, NATO, EU or V4 negotiation simulations!

01.04.15 - UN Secretary-General for XXth season of the Prague Student Summit

 On 6 March 2015 the Secretary-General of the United Nations in his message for the opening ceremony of the final conference of the XX. season of the Prague Student Summit underlined the importance of participation of young people in civic and public life.

17.03.15 - XX. season is over

Five preparatory meetings, one opening ceremony and 3 days of negotiations have all passed and Prague Students Summit’s XX. anniversary season has come to an end.

05.03.15 - Conference is here with the opening ceremony!

Six months have passed since this year’s Prague Student Summit started and now is the time for the opening ceremony of the final conference to happen.

04.03.15 - Model V4+ launch

As of March 3, we have initiated simulated negotiations of the brand new Model V4+ for students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Germany. It is the very first international model in the 20 years' history of the project that supplemets already existing UN, NATO, and EU Models.

18.02.15 - Preparatory part is over

The fifth and therefore last workshop of Prague Student Summit’s XX. season started already on Friday, when, due to the great interest, another media seminar “Media tyranny” took place.

31.01.15 - Model V4+ Application Process Results

The application process of Model V4+ is evaluated and here you can find the results. We want to thank all 45 applicants out of which 25 were chosen and we are looking forward to meet the successful applicants in Prague!

28.01.15 - Fourth workshop? CHECK!

Starting on Friday there were extra events on the schedule, ranging from a trip to the airport (aircraft simulator? Been there, done that!) to a media seminar, where we were able to test out an autocue machine.

19.12.14 - Launch of the V4 Model!

Christmas came early this year - we are launching the application process for the very new Model Visegrad Four Plus!

About the Summit

ObrázekThe Prague Student Summit is a unique educational project with eighteen years of tradition organised by the Asociation for international affairs (AMO). Each year the project educates more than 350 high school and university students from all over the Czech Republic about current issues influencing the world. It offers a unique platform for peer-learning and meeting not only with other students but honorable guests and experts as well. Core of the project lies in educating through simulation of three key international organisations – the United Nations, NATO, European Union and the Visegrad Group. It enables young people to prepare for the future no matter what they plan to be.


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